Jacques C. Pauw

Jacques C. Pauw  Founder 

B.Econ. (Univ. Stellenbosch) B.Comm. Hons. (Unisa)

Jacques founded the Fintrust Group in 1977, primarily as a private equity investment vehicle. Its focus during the early years was on investment and financial planning. During the ’80’s it turned its interest to property investments, which culminated in 1989 in a partnership with Syfrets Bank [later Nedcor Investment Bank] to establish the SYFIN group. Jacques served as CEO for several years, later as Chairman of the Syfin Group of Companies.

Amongst other, Syfin initiated the R1, 5 billion + N1 City regional multi-use property project in the Cape Peninsula. The company is still in existence today [], however under different ownership and management. Since the middle 90’s, Fintrust acted as angel investor in a number of technology companies and Jacques served on various boards, mostly in the S.I.T. [Security, Identification and Tracking] markets.

The penultimate objective was to develop an international product clearing and settlement platform. A trusted / processing center would combine the various S.I.T. technologies into the ‘E-P5’ platform. The platform created an insured trade cycle, rather than the more expensive typical bank trade finance alternative. With the tech crash in 2000 the market acceptance and resultant implementation of the then state-of-the-art technologies and the platform turned out to be a much longer term process. Some of the original technologies only appeared 15 years after its inception as viable commercial products.

Fintrust sold its property interests in Syfin in 2000 to explore international project-funding opportunities until 2005 when it began to concentrate its investment participation in addition to financial services and ICT products into cleantech opportunities, minerals beneficiation and intellectual property commercialization.

As a private investment holding entity Fintrust chose to maintain a low profile.

J. Gustav Pauw

J. Gustav[Gus] Pauw – Advisor

MSc IT (Information Security)

Gus, is a consultant to the Fintrust Group. He has extensive experience managing innovative design projects to implementation and support of large information security infrastructure. Particular skills are in the ability to deliver large scale projects on time and to budget. His expertize is in Design, Implementation, Support, Documentation, Standards Creation, Security Process Optimization. He has extensive experience as Network Security Consultant, most recently to corporates in the financial sector.